autoWe perform :
core drilling and other drilling up to the depth of approximately 30 m

  • Technological sampling
  • Taking of undamaged samples
  • Dry core drilling with diameters from 112 to 175 mm
  • Impact drilling by means of spiral drill with diameters of 133, 180, and 245 mm – equipped monitoring drill holes with diameters for equipment from 110 to 160 mm

Hydrogeological drill holes with equipment diameters from 110 to 160 mm - under favorable conditions up to diameter to 250 mm (maximum depth of 15 m)

Drill holes for ecological activity

  • Monitoring of polluted underground water
  • Pumping of polluted underground water
  • Absorbing tests

Low-diameter drill holes up to profile of 112 mm for various purposes (maximum length of 5 to 6 m) by light drilling rig LSS-15 in cramped conditions (narrow and low entries)

  • Minimum damages
  • Lower price costs
  • Possibility of drilling under electric lines inside railroad tracks

Probes of dynamic penetration in accordance with standard ČSN EN ISO 22476-2 (table 1)

  • Light dynamic penetration (DPL)
  • Medium dynamic penetration (DPM)
  • Heavy dynamic penetration (DPH)