We are using classical methods, which are common in practice of foundation building.

They mostly are the following types:

  • Stability calculations of earth body slopes
  • Calculation of subsidence of earth fill subsoil and design of measures to speed up the subsidence
  • Design and examination of retaining walls as well as sheet pile walls, breast walls, gabions and anchorage
  • Design, examination, projects of shallow and deep foundations of all kinds of constructions
  • Calculation and design of reconstruction measures in case of landslides
  • Examination of suitability of construction sites
  • Acceptance of footing bottom
  • Geotechnical supervision during construction
  • Design of excavation pit
  • Designs of geotechnical monitoring
  • Designs of earth bodies reinforced by geosynthetics
  • Designs of subsoil under hall floors
  • Consulting and advising in all the fields of geotechnical engineering (authorization in the field of geotechnical engineering)

For more demanding geotechnical tasks or based on a customer request, we can perform some calculations by MKP (finite element method), using PLAXIS software, version 8.