Measuring of compaction rate and bearing capacity of foundation soils, earth fills, line transport and hydrotechnical constructions, stabilizations, and recycling materials in several ways (direct as well as indirect methods):

  • Measuring of static Young´s modulus and bearing capacity by means of static load test with circular plate according to the standards ČSN 72 1006 and 73 6190 for earth body of the following constructions:
  • Road
  • Railway
  • Building
  • Water works

We utilize loading plate diameters of 300, 500, 798, and 1000 mm.








  • Determination of static Young´s modulus of subsoil and underlying layers of EVD structures of road constructions by a light dynamic apparatus












  • Terrain density measurement according to the standard ČSN 72 1010. Determination of soil density. Laboratory and in-situ methods.






















  • Determination of pilot and micro-pilot bearing capacity by load tests up to 3000 kN (counterbalance – bridge and panels)





















  • Measuring of lath flatness