Speed communication R/52 Rajhrad - Mikulov
Road I/43 Troubsko - Kuřim
Motorway D 4708 Ostrava
Speed communication R3509
Rusava – landslides after floods in 1997
Modernization of railway line Hodonín - Otrokovice
Nissan centre Brno
By-pass road of Louny - exploratory and detailed engineering geology survey
By-pass road of Pelhřimov – exploratory and detailed engineering geology survey
Počerady - sludge pit Itálie
Electric power station Opatovice - sludge pit Bukovna
Road II/425 Židlochovice - Nosislav - engineering geology survey of landslide
By-pass road of Otrokovice - additional additional engineering geology survey
Road I/75 Demandice - Horné Semerovce
By-pass road of Jihlava - additional engineering geology survey
Motorway D47 construction D4708.2 bridge over Odra river – engineering geology survey


Miroslav - monitoring drill hole
Jihlava – by-pass road I/38 - hydrogeological survey
Velká Vranča - oil substances separator - hydrogeological expert opinion
Modernization of concrete plant in Holubice - hydrogeological evaluation of storm rainfall soakage
Podolí - Popovice - monitoring drill hole
Road I/38, Jihlava - tunnel - completion of monitoring drill holes, well passportization and level measuring
Road adjourn I/17 – connection of industrial zone in Chrudim - engineering geology expert opinion


Hypermarket Dlouhá míle Praha Ruzyně – design of up to 14 m high reinforced earth body of vertical front access ramps
Moravskoslezská knihovna Ostrava – design of foundation, design of securing temporary foundation pits
Motorway D8, construction 0807/II – design of foundation of the biggest bridge objects E209 and h116 for design stage RDS
Motorway D47, construction 4704 – foundation of bridge objects, design of precautions for bridge transition areas, calculation of subsidence and stability of high earth fills, implementing geotechnical monitoring for project stage RDS (photographs)
Motorway D1 Rohlenka, landslide – stability calculations, design of reconstruction measures
Examination of bridge rings in various construction sites (motorway D8, motorway D47 – construction 4704, 4708, 4709, motorway D1 – construction 0133)
Calculation of subsidence under the gas or water pipeline covered by earth fills at various construction sites(motorway D8, motorway D47 – constructions sites 4704, 4708, 4709, motorway D1 – construction site 0133)
Bučovice, hall JKZ - design of subsoil under floors of newly projected halls
Motorway D47, construction 4708.2, MÚK Rudná, MÚK Místecká, MÚK Severní spoj – foundation of bridge objects, design of gabion supporting structures, calculation of subsidence and stability of high earth fills
Motorway D47 (stage 4704, stage 4708.2, stage 47091/1, stage 47091/2) – securing the function of “construction geotechnician” for contractor
Motorway D47, stage 47091/2 – geotechnical examination of high earth fill across Vrbická jezera
D47, stage 47091/1, objects SO 251.1 a SO 251.2 – design of reinforced earth body of vertical front access ramps
D47, stages 4708.2, SO 203 – design of nail wall
Letoplast Letovice – design of subsoil under floors of newly projected halls
ČOV Náměšť nad Oslavou – design for securing stability of unearthed rock face by means of nailing
Road R23, street Bítešská, landslide - stabilization calculations, design of reconstruction measures
Motorway D1, construction 0133 Vyškov – Mořice, D210 – design of earth fills for bridge object lightened with polystyrene (first realization of earth fills lightened with polystyrene performed in the Czech Republic)
Road II/385 Hradčany, landslide – stabilization calculations, design of reconstruction measures
DCC plant Slaný, extending production of technological cranes – design of foundation of newly projected halls
Fast highway R3509 Olomouc by-pass road - stability of earth bodies and design of foundation of bridges for stage RDS
Anglie, Maidstone - foundation of atypical footbridge
Staré Město pod Sněžníkem - opinion on stability increasing of sludge pit


Laboratory tests for engineering geology survey of another firms
Fast highway R55, construction Skalka – Hulín
Motorway D1 - construction 0136 Zemník Břest
AHOLD Olomouc
Prolonged street Místecká I. construction in Ostrava
Dálnice D47 - construction Lipník nad Bečvou – Bělotín
Road I/58 Příbor – by-pass road – dumping ground
Fast highway R3509
Motorway D1, stage D0133 
Analyses of soil for railway Ostrava - Studénka


Check of earth works at construction of by-pass road of Lipník nad Bečvou
Hall ABB Brno Křenová - micro-pilot load tests
Biocel Paskov load tests of footing bottom
Motorway D 3509 supplying road laboratory
VConstruction R 52 Rajhrad - Mikulov - control investor laboratory of soil
PTTC Hranice na Moravě - control supplier soil laboratory
Litvínov- unit Ethylbenzen II - load tests of improved subsoil and injected gravel-sand pillars
By-pass road of Otrokovice - monitoring of pore pressures in the place of high earth fills
D1, 0133 Vyškov - Mořice control supplier soil laboratory
Carrefour - construction of supermarket
Sudkov - construction of flood dikes
By-pass road of Sudoměřice - control supplier laboratory
Blansko - construction of industrial zone Vojánky – supplier laboratory
Gallery Vaňkovka - construction of multi-function centre
I/35 Litomyšl - control supplier laboratory


Construction ČOV Modřice in Brno - investor’s geotechnical supervision
VW Bratislava – testing circuit of geotechnical supervision and control laboratory of investor
Hall - Nové město nad Váhom geotechnical supervision and investor’s control laboratory
VW Mladá Boleslav - testing circuit - participation in investor’s expert consultancy team
Kolín - Ovčáry preparation of territory for automobile factory of the company Toyota - geotechnical supervision and TPCA investor’s control laboratory
Motorway D4705, D4706 - function of main geoengineer for the design of both sections
Motorway D1,construction 0133 - main construction geoengineer
Fast highway R35, constructions 3510,3511 - main construction geoengineer
Fast highway R35, construction 3509, main bridge construction geoengineer
By-pass road of Uherské Hradiště - investor’s building supervisor (ŘSD ČR Zlín) during foundation of bridges and checks of earth works